Your Opportunity to Speak

Hello! The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has recently opened public comment on an 1115 waiver to add work requirements to Idaho’s Medicaid expansion. During the legislative session, the Idaho Caregiver Alliance spoke out in support of implementation of Medicaid expansion as supported by the voters last fall and in opposition to these work … Continue reading Your Opportunity to Speak

Shared Caregiving Stories

Idaho caregiver, Jeannette D. Mayer, shares her story of letting go in the following blog post titled  Lessons Learned: Sometimes We Just Have to Say ‘Goodbye’   All of us living in a military family have those friends and family members who just don’t seem to understand “a day in the life of a military … Continue reading Shared Caregiving Stories

HIke 2 Heal

Hike 2 Heal releases a quarterly newsletter for cancer survivors and caregivers. In this issue, they talk about the great support they received during Idaho Gives and about their hikes/backpacking trips.  If you’d like to stay connected to John & Junes Mission, Inc. Hike 2 Heal, follow the link here

9 Steps to Respite Care

ARCH (Access to Respite Care and Help) National Respite Network in partnership with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation created a 9 Steps to Respite Care guide for Military Caregivers. This guide, although specified for military caregivers, is another great resource for the non-military caregiver.  The 9 Steps to Respite Care for Military Caregivers provides 9 great … Continue reading 9 Steps to Respite Care

Caregiving in Idaho: Respite Summit

This past July the Idaho Caregiver Alliance and the Idaho Commission on Aging visited North Idaho to host the Caregiving in Idaho: Lifespan Respite Summit. While we were in Coeur d’Alene, we were embraced by so many lovely individuals who support Idaho’s family caregivers. One of those wonderful organizations was Hospice of North Idaho.  To … Continue reading Caregiving in Idaho: Respite Summit

Opportunities for States to Support Caregivers

Idaho is one of six states working with the Center for Health Care Strategies, identifying ways states can help recognize and support family caregivers. One piece of their work was pulling this fact sheet together, providing examples of how states are increasing the effectiveness of caregiver supports. To view this fact sheet click on the … Continue reading Opportunities for States to Support Caregivers

Shared Caregiving Stories

Guest blog by Jeannette D Mayer, a caregiver and R4 Board Member Happiness was grabbing that handful of popcorn mixed with chocolate M&M’s® to find the Peanut M&M’s® hiding in there. For many years, these delightful milk chocolates wrapped around tasty peanuts were jokingly called “Happy Pills” in my house. My favorite snack was mixing … Continue reading Shared Caregiving Stories