Have you finished your medication review?

As we age, and as our loved one ages, it is important to conduct an annual review of the regular medications consumed. Preparing for your annual medical/health check-up is a great time to complete your medication review. Make a list of what medications you are taking and any questions you might have for your healthcare … Continue reading Have you finished your medication review?

Honoring Choices’s discount on My Data Diary

Honoring Choices Idaho is now able to  offer Idahoans a 15% discount of My Data Diary.  My Data Diary allows you to store and manage your personal, household, medical, financial, and legal information for you and your care recipient. The code to use to receive this discount is CHOICES.  Go to Honoring Choices to find out more … Continue reading Honoring Choices’s discount on My Data Diary

Apps that help coordinate dementia care.

The National Institute on Aging announced the winners of this year’s NIA Eureka Prize competition. The challenge was for innovators to come up with mobile device apps or web-based methods that could help individuals navigate and coordinate the care of dementia. To read the full article and see what to keep an eye out for, … Continue reading Apps that help coordinate dementia care.

Idaho Commission on Aging’s 4 Year Plan

The Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA) is developing a four-year statewide Senior Services Plan and has contracted with Idaho State University to assess Idaho‚Äôs needs.  This survey is about your experiences with the services and resources in your community that assist older adults with living independently.  These are also services and resources that provide older … Continue reading Idaho Commission on Aging’s 4 Year Plan

October is Residents’ Rights Month

Although we want to make sure you are aware of your loved one’s rights all year long, we thought you should know about October’s Residents’ Rights Month. The goal of Residents’ Rights Month is to provide education and awareness around the rights individuals have when staying in long-term nursing homes or assisted living facilities; specifically, … Continue reading October is Residents’ Rights Month

Extra Extra

Idaho Caregiver Alliance News Brief The Idaho Caregiver Alliance is excited to share some information with you which is why we created an ICA News Brief. Hopefully, your inbox just received it. But, just in case you missed the news, Here is what the brief included. Breaking News: We are excited to announce that Governor … Continue reading Extra Extra

Are they catching on?

Caregivers are out there already taking care of hundreds of thousands of individuals in Idaho every day. It seems as though the need for caregiving services may be catching on.  Judith Graham wrote an article, published in the Kaiser Health News, talking about this topic. Although her article discusses the providing of care for the … Continue reading Are they catching on?