Tips to Manage Compassion Fatigue

What is compassion fatigue? Compassion fatigue is empathizing with people that are dealing with trauma. Because you have so much compassion, it can cause feelings of burnout and emotional exhaustion. Compassion fatigue and burnout are not the same, but some of the symptoms overlap. Researchers like to think of this condition as second hand trauma. … Continue reading Tips to Manage Compassion Fatigue

Have You Made a Voting Plan?

Election Day is only 11 days away! If you are registered to vote, there are many different options available to fit your needs. Early voting in Ada County is available at Boise Basque Center, Meridian and Boise City Halls, Eagle Hope Lutheran Church, and Ada County Election Office. On weekdays, the polls are open from … Continue reading Have You Made a Voting Plan?

How to Make the Hard Tasks Easier

When you first start caring for a loved one, you might have some expectations about what it will be like. Most people assume that it will be a smooth journey while working together effectively. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Centers Choice Homecare provides a guide on how to have open communication with those … Continue reading How to Make the Hard Tasks Easier

Getting Ready for Halloween?

Wondering what halloween will look like this year? The Center of Disease Control has created a list of fun and safe activities to celebrate. If you are caring for a child, they may be disappointed that regular trick or treating is not an option this year. Even if you are caring for an adult, it … Continue reading Getting Ready for Halloween?

Do You Qualify for SNAP?

According to the CDC, nutritious food is necessary for a strong immune system. During COVID-19, a well balanced diet might be more difficult to maintain. During times of high stress, nutritious food options are the last priority. Many individuals skip meals or forget to eat during the day. This pattern of behavior can lead to … Continue reading Do You Qualify for SNAP?