Today… You Showed Up

As a family caregiver, worry of not being able to get it all done, to ensure everything and everyone is tended to, can be a daily thought and struggle. The overwhelming sense of coming up short or falling behind can be consuming. We all have feelings like this, but when you are a caregiver to … Continue reading Today… You Showed Up

Caregivers: Members of the Healthcare Team

As healthcare professionals our number one priority is to our patients. But how do we begin incorporating family caregivers into the health care team, and how do we effectively communicate to all individuals involved? There are a few things we as healthcare professionals need to keep in mind in these circumstances.  Ask about their role … Continue reading Caregivers: Members of the Healthcare Team

Caregiver Spotlight

Our first Caregiver Spotlight, features Barbara (Bobbi) Rogers, who is a caregiver to her 91 year old mother Alice. Bobbi was a high school paraprofessional and special education teacher’s aide for 21 years before taking early retirement three years ago to care for her mom with Alzheimer’s. The biggest challenges of the transition have been … Continue reading Caregiver Spotlight

Today is the Last Day to Vote!

Today, November 3, is Election Day! If you are registered to vote, there are many different options available to fit your needs.  Voting in Person: Voting in Ada County is available at, but not limited to, Boise Basque Center, Meridian and Boise City Halls, Eagle Hope Lutheran Church, and Ada County Election Office. The polls … Continue reading Today is the Last Day to Vote!