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Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?

Despite a large percentage of Americans being caregivers, there continues to be a lack of support in the workplace. It is difficult to manage caring for a loved one while also being productive at work. This can create both burnt out employees and caregivers simultaneously. In order to combat this overwhelmed workforce, employers need to recognize the issue at stake. The Center for Healthcare Strategies synthesized a journal from the American Journal of Health Promotion on how employers can help their caregiver employees. You can read the whole article for free, How Employers and States Can Support the Essential Workforce of Family Caregivers. Information from the article are as follows:


What issues might employees that are caregivers struggle with?


  • Being unable to manage both caregiving and work duties

  • Financial strain

  • Increased stress levels

  • Weakened immune system

  • Mental health issues

  • Physical injuries

  • Decreased motivation


What can employers do to help their caregiver employees?


  • Acknowledge their hard work 

  • Provide paid time off

  • Partnership with state agencies that provide support

  • Increase awareness of caregivers in the workplace

  • Create employee policies specifically for family caregivers

Family caregiving is difficult on its own. Balancing a full time job at the same time is stress inducing. Having compassionate employers that understand the weight of the responsibilities is key. There are numerous sources of information on how to create a caregiving-friendly workplace. Below is a list of resources for businesses and human resource managers to ensure employees that are family caregivers are supported:


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