Fall prevention month.

September is Falls Prevention Month!

September is Falls Prevention Awareness month. Even a light fall can have heavy impacts on an aging adult. It is imperative to increase awareness for this issue that impacts a large percentage of the aging population. Knowing this, the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging has created an outreach and resources page. An overview of the information is as follows:


  1. FREE falls risk assessment: This guide was created by the National Council On Aging. Its purpose is to help others understand the risks associated with falling. It also provides an overview of key statistics and recommendations for prevention. Additionally, the resource is available in both English and Spanish.

Falls Risk Assessment (In English)

Chequeo Contra Caídas (En español)


  1. Falls Initiative Webinar Recording: This hour long zoom provides information regarding the dangers of falls. While the majority of statistics are specific to Wisconsin, the prevention interventions are similar to ones we have in Idaho. Kris Krasnowski, an employee for Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging, presents the data. 


  1. CDC Still Going Strong Campaign: This is an injury prevention program that encourages older adults to strengthen their bodies through light physical activity. It is targeted in states that have the highest prevalence of falls. However, the information is also relevant for the aging populations of other states. 

Additionally, a program specifically geared towards Idaho residents is titled, Fit & Fall Proof. This program is through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of falls in Idaho by improving physical activity levels. Not only do the majority of participants see positive physical outcomes, they also report better mental health levels. This program is available statewide. Notably, most classes are free of charge and held in physically accessible places within the community. For more information on these classes, as well as Idaho statistics regarding falls, visit the linked Fit & Fall Proof Brochure.