Tips For Helping Those Who Refuse Help

The holidays are a time of giving, joy, and helping others. However, what do you do when someone does not want to be helped? This is especially common in aging adults with a “I can do it myself” mentality. Unfortunately, this mindset can prevent loved ones from accepting the help they need. This holiday season, … Continue reading Tips For Helping Those Who Refuse Help

A Caregiver’s Holiday Guide

The holidays are a wonderful time to be with loved ones. The amount of festive and fun activities are endless! However, this can also create added stress on family caregivers. With more responsibilities and people’s time to juggle, the holiday season can become dreaded. Difficult family members step in and have opinions on the way … Continue reading A Caregiver’s Holiday Guide

Have You Tried A Caregiving App?

As a caregiver, it is sometimes difficult to ask others for help. This is true even for your closest friends and usual support system. Ianacare is an app that can help. The creators realized the demand of caregiving. This is especially true within personal relationships and working relationships. This provides connection to resources, as well … Continue reading Have You Tried A Caregiving App?

How To: Create An Inclusive Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! Here are a few steps you can take to make a more inclusive environment for children with disabilities, sensory issues, or other barriers that prevent a safe halloween experience. Connecting for Kids provides a step by step guide to hosting a Halloween that every child can enjoy. Below are … Continue reading How To: Create An Inclusive Halloween

How To: Prepare for Power of Attorney

In the face of Alzheimer’s or related dementias, there are changes that can occur unexpectedly. When their cognitive function starts to decline, big decisions must be made. This is when power of attorney and other types of conservatorship are often mentioned. However, in the article from US News, the potential challenges behind this process is … Continue reading How To: Prepare for Power of Attorney

Coping With Stress 101

As a caregiver, you are no stranger to stress. Taking care of another person often leads to neglecting the needs of oneself. It might seem as if there is no time for stress relief in your busy schedule. However, there are some simple practices that can help alleviate stress in under ten minutes.    According … Continue reading Coping With Stress 101

September is Falls Prevention Month!

September is Falls Prevention Awareness month. Even a light fall can have heavy impacts on an aging adult. It is imperative to increase awareness for this issue that impacts a large percentage of the aging population. Knowing this, the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging has created an outreach and resources page. An overview of the … Continue reading September is Falls Prevention Month!

Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?

Despite a large percentage of Americans being caregivers, there continues to be a lack of support in the workplace. It is difficult to manage caring for a loved one while also being productive at work. This can create both burnt out employees and caregivers simultaneously. In order to combat this overwhelmed workforce, employers need to … Continue reading Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?

How To Prepare for End of Life

As caregivers, you work tirelessly to make your care recipient have the highest quality of life possible. However, it is not uncommon for a caregiver to outlive their care recipient. Unfortunately, the end of life process can be complex. Difficult decisions, as well as intense emotions, are often faced. It is a lot to handle … Continue reading How To Prepare for End of Life

Caring for a Child Getting Ready for School?

Back to school is underway and summer is coming to an end. As a caregiver to a child, this may look different for your family than for others. Below are some resources to help you navigate the back to school process.   How to Advocate: It is important to make your voice heard within the … Continue reading Caring for a Child Getting Ready for School?