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Business Resources for Caregiving-Friendly workplaces

Over 70% of Idaho caregivers are employed part or full time, yet many workplaces do not have business resources for caregivers. Inadequate employee supports for caregivers cost employers time, money and people. These costs show up in: increased absenteeism, unplanned absences, increased turnover, decreased retention, productivity loss, and increased disability costs. Creating a caring culture in the workplace does not have to be expensive and is not just reserved for large businesses.

Here are some great business resources and human resource supports to be more caregiver-friendly:

AARP Small Business Guide
The Caring Company Website
The Caring Company Report
Small Employers’ Experience With Family Caregivers -2019 Report
Building a Business Case
ReACT – Employer Resource Guide
Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Employers
Supporting Military and Veteran Caregivers in the Workplace
The Caring Company Report

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