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Financial Support for Caregiving

There are many options and programs that provide financial support to families, particularly those that are caregiving full-time.

Idaho Medicaid will pay certain types of caregivers. To find out if your situation qualifies, please visit the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Benefits page or call the Benefits Customer Service Center at 1-877-456-1233. If your loved one qualifies for assistance, they may be eligible for an array of services. Depending on your relation to your loved one, Medicaid may be able to compensate you for the care you provide.

One option to receive payment is to become a Certified Family Home (CFH) provider. Certification as a CFH provider is a prerequisite to be a paid caregiver when you are also providing housing to your loved one. Visit the CFH program’s website for more information, including contracts.

Another method is to become employed by a Personal Care Service (PCS) near where your loved one lives and become assigned to your loved one as an employee of the agency. Your loved one can pay the agency fees and you would be paid as an employee. This is the appropriate option when you are not providing housing to your loved one, but will be providing hourly care in your loved one’s home.

For Medicaid participants, Idaho Medicaid pays the PCS agency for the participant’s care and the agency pays you as an employee. You may ask your regional Medicaid office for a list of PCS agencies in your area. It is possible to work short-term through a PCS agency while in the process of obtaining your CFH certificate.

Learn more about the different types of paid caregiving and financial support opportunities by clicking here.

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