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Idaho Parents Unlimited

Idaho Parents Unlimited Inc. or IPUL have put together an extensive directory of online training videos to help individuals with disabilities, and their families, gain the knowledge needed to enhance their quality of life. Their services include:

  • Individual assistance to families through calls, emails, and in-person meetings
  • Provide options that you may have to resolve any individual issues
  • Monthly training workshops and webinars on a variety of topics
  • Provide special request workshops at community events and/or conferences as well as for parent or professional groups
  • Advocate for systems, programs, policies, and rules that have an impact on Idaho families
  • Provide effective advocacy training and information for families and youth to best advocate for themselves.
  • Annual Parent Leadership Development training to build on a growing list of parent mentors who can amplify our work across the state.
  • Provide scholarships to parents to attend conferences or events related to your child’s disability.
  • Arts education through our in-school/community center residencies and Work of Art Programs
  • Listen and provide support

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