Shared Path Counseling

Hi!  I’m Kelly Loy.  I am a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist. My practice focuses on individuals, couples, and families recovering and growing from experiences of grief, trauma, and crisis, particularly early childhood sexual abuse and violence.  Seeking counseling takes courage and recognition that you want a change in your life.

I believe that IFS therapy is particularly helpful if you have learned coping skills, or if you tried other therapeutic approaches, only to feel overwhelmed with familiar struggles and emotional pain when your relationships or other life events don’t go quite right.

I believe that healing is possible through:

  • Having the intention and courage to face and understand your own life story
  • Welcoming all the different parts of you, including all your feelings, thoughts, and actions
  • Trusting that at your core is your true Self, which is not damaged/broken/unlovable!
  • Learning a process for inner healing that will show in your life and relationships
  • Creating a new relationship with yourself that allows for more freedom, peace, and unburdening from emotional pain

I hope to be a guide on your journey by supporting encouragement and healing for you.

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