Wildflower Intuitive Center

The Wildflower Intuitive Center

The Wildflower Intuitive Center offers End of Life Doula Services from a provider that is both a certified Doula and a licensed clinician. At Wildflower, we provide services for adults, infants, children and the unborn, as well as their families, when there is a serious or terminal diagnosis. Sessions are available in the home or hospital for those who are in poor health.

Services include both clinical therapeutic support and reiki treatments to help allow for relaxation. Reiki is a healing touch technique that supports the individual’s natural resilience. This can be provided over the body if touch is uncomfortable to the client in any way. Clients additionally have the support of a providers certified to give reiki during any medical procedures.

At Wildflower, illness is seen as a transition and death as a normal and beautiful process.

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