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Respite Provider Education

Education to expand your caregiving knowledge:

Idaho Commission on Aging

The Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA) has put together some great educational skill builders on dementia, caregiving, and healthy caregiving. To find out more go to the ICOA’s website and look up Stay Educated.

LGBTQ Caregiving Resources

We want to make sure that our Idahoans who belong to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community have their unique needs and experiences honored as they receive care. The goal of this list is to help providers gain an understanding of the differences and interventions designed to meet the needs of our LGBTQ community.  SAGE Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders has provided a toolkit, information on LGBTQ dementia, and many other resources and opportunities to learn.  The Alzheimer’s Association has also shared LGBT Caregiver Concerns – important considerations for LGBT caregivers. The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides LGBTQ specific information if your loved one has a mental illness. LGBTQ adults with disabilities are a minority group we cannot forget, to read more click here Respectability or check out the 10 Tips for Including People with Disabilities in the LGBT Community. Ensure that your loved one is receiving culturally competent care. The LGBT Aging Center has released a training to help caregivers, providers, & facilities gain a better understanding of what cultural competency is. For help with legal affairs, the Family Caregiver Alliance shared a publication on Legal issues for LGBT Caregivers.   If you are searching for a practical guide to collecting data on sexual orientation and gender identity, refer to the publication Inclusive Questions for Older Adults from the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.

Prepare to Care 

A support and direct care training package that prepares you to work in a variety of direct care settings. You can find out more by visiting the Prepare to Care Training-Source website.

Youth Empowerment Services (YES)

The Youth Empowerment  Services (YES) has pulled together some great provider resources, key terms, and a services and supports list. You can learn more by visiting YES Providers.

*Listing these courses does not mean the ICA endorses them.