Have a Doctor’s Appointment Soon?

Due to COVID-19 regulations within hospitals and primary care clinics, caregivers are being urged to wait outside during the patient’s appointment. This policy presents new challenges, as many caregivers are essential in communication between the patient and provider. In the article, “4 Things to Know When Taking a Loved One to the Doctor During COVID-19”, … Continue reading Have a Doctor’s Appointment Soon?

Supporting Vet & Family Caregivers in COVID19

Supporting Military, Veteran, & Family Caregivers During COVID19. This checklist/document was shared by AARP Family Caregiving with the hope we can reach even more of our service members, veterans, and their caregivers.  For a printable version click here, checklist.

3 Way to Save Lives and Show the Spread of COVID-19

3 Way to Save Lives and Show the Spread of COVID-19. This document was created and brought to you by the ICA and AARP Idaho. Click here for a printable version.  We are so grateful for the partnerships we have statewide and know we could not do this without you. 

COVID-19 and Caregiving

The Idaho Caregiver Alliance understands that many of you are trying hard to practice social distancing during COVID-19. We also know that some of you cannot. The best we can do with a virus our loved ones nor we have been exposed to, is take as many precautions as possible. We’ve pulled together some great … Continue reading COVID-19 and Caregiving