6 Tips for Caregivers: Planning for Retirement

Due to these uncertain times, thinking towards the future can be overwhelming. AgingCare has created an article to help you control what you can. The article is about financial planning as a caregiver. Caregiving can put a financial strain on your family. Because of this, it is important to prioritize your money as a caregiver. … Continue reading 6 Tips for Caregivers: Planning for Retirement

Isolation and Loneliness

Loneliness and caregiving often go hand in hand. And especially now during a pandemic, loneliness and isolation is an undeniable issue, now more than ever. According to Dr. John Cacioppo, University of Chicago psychologist, human beings need a combination of the following 3 elements, to combat the feeling of loneliness:  1.  Intimate connectedness: A feeling … Continue reading Isolation and Loneliness

Caring for Someone Sick With COVID at Home

Caring for someone sick with COVID in the home setting can be stressful. So much information about COVID has been distributed, and it can make us feel overwhelmed and discombobulated, especially trying to care for someone who is actually sick and is considered high-risk. Providing the right support in this situation is necessary for both … Continue reading Caring for Someone Sick With COVID at Home

Keeping a Caregiving Journal 101

Many people keep a journal as an outlet, but it can be especially helpful for caregivers. AARP has published an article detailing the positive impact a journal can have. Studies have shown that journaling can help prevent depression and stress. Some people use it to write down daily gratitude affirmations. Although, others use a journal … Continue reading Keeping a Caregiving Journal 101

The Season of Giving Back to Yourself

Being a caregiver is stressful enough without the added pressure of the holiday season. Especially during these uncertain times. You most likely have a lot of expectations from your care recipient, your family, or a combination of both. Although you want to make this time special for everyone else, remember to prioritize yourself. AARP offers … Continue reading The Season of Giving Back to Yourself

Caregiving during COVID-19

Our country and the world are doing all they can to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This can be an extremely stressful time for everyone, especially those caring for a loved with a compromised immune system.  Simple tasks like grocery shopping, picking up medication at the pharmacy, or even seeking routine medical care can seem … Continue reading Caregiving during COVID-19

Caregivers: Members of the Healthcare Team

As healthcare professionals our number one priority is to our patients. But how do we begin incorporating family caregivers into the health care team, and how do we effectively communicate to all individuals involved? There are a few things we as healthcare professionals need to keep in mind in these circumstances.  Ask about their role … Continue reading Caregivers: Members of the Healthcare Team

Caregiver Spotlight

Our first Caregiver Spotlight, features Barbara (Bobbi) Rogers, who is a caregiver to her 91 year old mother Alice. Bobbi was a high school paraprofessional and special education teacher’s aide for 21 years before taking early retirement three years ago to care for her mom with Alzheimer’s. The biggest challenges of the transition have been … Continue reading Caregiver Spotlight

Today is the Last Day to Vote!

Today, November 3, is Election Day! If you are registered to vote, there are many different options available to fit your needs.  Voting in Person: Voting in Ada County is available at, but not limited to, Boise Basque Center, Meridian and Boise City Halls, Eagle Hope Lutheran Church, and Ada County Election Office. The polls … Continue reading Today is the Last Day to Vote!