Idaho Medicaid Plus Information

Do you live in a county that only offers one Health Plan (at this time, Blue Cross)? If so, you will want to become aware of a small amendment that will provide authority to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to passively enroll dual eligible participants in the IMPlus.

What this means is that dual participants in those counties will be enrolled in IMPlus by the Department with an effective date of 4/1/20. Since these counties are only voluntary counties, these participants have the option to opt out if they would prefer to remain on FFS.  We sent out notification cards of enrollment, and included information on how to opt out (by submitting an enclosed opt out card or by calling the Duals Enrollment Specialist). They have 90 days to opt out before the plans go into effect, and can disenroll at any time, if they desire.  This enrollment process will continue for new dual eligibles in these counties as they are identified. 

To read the full notification, click here Idaho Medicaid Plus.

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