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Caring For the Caregiver: 5 Self Care Tips

A New Year has arrived and with each New Year, brings new resolutions, opportunities, and a chance to reset and set new goals. 

Here is a quick reminder to ensure you prioritize yourself and include your own self care in your daily task list.  

  1. Stretch and Breathe- You don’t have to join a gym or yoga studio to know how important this can be. Set aside small bouts of time throughout your busy day to focus on your breath, and stretch your body and muscles. This will help with focus and reset your brain. 

  2. Prioritize Your Nutrition- When caring for someone else, it can be easy to turn to fast food and processed foods as they are quick, but they are also packed with saturated fats, sodium, and sugar.  Coming up with a weekly plan to avoid this, such a meal preparation, will contribute to success. Drink plenty of water, and limit soda and alcohol consumption. 

  3. Get Some Laughs- Laughter can be the best remedy for so many things. Watch a funny movie, look up your favorite comedian, or call a friend that always makes you laugh. Get laughing! 

  4. Get Rest- Though there is no perfect fix or solution, setting a daily bedtime and rise time each evening and morning can help. Not watching intense shows or movies right before bed, or taking a warm relaxing shower or bath to help calm the nerves can be beneficial.  

  5. Ask For Help- This can be a tricky one for many caregivers. Caregiving alone without any outside help or resources can lead to complete burnout. Find local resources and groups, reach out to church and community members, as well as friends or family that understand the your daily tasks and circumstances. Caregiving can make you feel isolated and alone, but it doesn’t have to. Stay connected to those around you. People truly want to help. 

“I make it a point to practice self-care. I make an appointment with myself.”

-Manisha Singal, MD


Blog by Kara Boyerkidder 

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