Are You Seeking Financial Assistance?

While caring for a loved one, you could encounter more individual costs than you might expect. There are resources for dealing with surprising and seemingly ongoing expenses. The AARP provides a compiled list of costs you might not see coming and how to prepare accordingly. For other information, sign up for the FREE online Hope … Continue reading Are You Seeking Financial Assistance?

Preventing Loneliness During COVID-19

Johns Hopkins Medicine has created a guide to ensure caregivers can give the best care possible during COVID-19. During times like this, social distancing can feel like complete social isolation. Johns Hopkins suggests engaging in scrapbooks, using technology to communicate with others, and other activities that can help fight loneliness.The article is a reminder that … Continue reading Preventing Loneliness During COVID-19

Family Caregiver Navigator

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Family Caregiver Navigator pilot project. Serving families in SW Idaho by telephone, Navigators offer FREE support and resource referral to unpaid or family caregivers. Receive an action plan to address your personal wellbeing and prevent caregiver burnout. This research-based model is shown to reduce caregiver stress. … Continue reading Family Caregiver Navigator

Are you Caring for a Veteran this Independence Day?

Are you caring for a Veteran this Independence Day? If so, then you may find this article from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs helpful.  Read Tips for Veterans Celebrating Independence Day for advice on recognizing triggers of trauma your loved one may experience, as well as self-help tips and relaxation exercises. 

Caring for LGBTQ Individuals

If you are a caregiver or provider who is caring for an LGBTQ individual, then these resources are for you. Providers: Remember that even if a client hasn’t openly identified themselves as LGBTQ, you should still work with the premise that you may have or will eventually have LGBTQ clients.  The ICA has identified many … Continue reading Caring for LGBTQ Individuals

Choosing a Care Facility – 5 Helpful Tips

There may come a time in your caregiving journey where your loved one may need a facility that provides rehabilitative, restorative, or ongoing skilled nursing care.  Consider these helpful tips from AARP. 1.     Narrow your search, visit in person 2.     Remember infections are not always reported adequately 3.     Discount the ‘Chandelier effect’ 4.     Learn complex … Continue reading Choosing a Care Facility – 5 Helpful Tips

Are they catching on?

Caregivers are out there already taking care of hundreds of thousands of individuals in Idaho every day. It seems as though the need for caregiving services may be catching on.  Judith Graham wrote an article, published in the Kaiser Health News, talking about this topic. Although her article discusses the providing of care for the … Continue reading Are they catching on?

Start a Caring Collaborative your area

Starting a new social group can sound daunting but the rewards are priceless. Caring Collaborative Networks are popping up across the country. Social groups or caring collaboratives are a great way to learn and share with fellow caregivers; consequently providing a form of respite. The Transition Network has all the information you need to get … Continue reading Start a Caring Collaborative your area

Care Culture

Does your business or the company you work for have a care culture you can be proud of? Do you feel supported by your employer when it comes to having to tend to your caregiving responsibilities? Here is a great report released by Harvard Business School df