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Are You a Caregiver That Works Full Time?

AARP has released updates regarding being a family caregiver in light of COVID-19 pandemic. They have collected data from nursing homes around the country and shared their findings in this Policy Report. The statistics show that nursing homes have faced staffing shortages, have run out of personal protective equipment (PPE), and suffered more challenges than in years past. However, AARP remains optimistic and has implemented support systems to assist these nursing homes.

AARP has also sent out an email that details the impact the pandemic has had on caregivers. They conclude that some businesses are starting to address the needs of their employees who are also family caregivers. AARP offers employees caregiver leave and hopes other businesses will continue to do the same. This also is related to mental health needs in the workplace and creating a more compassionate business model for employees. AARP states that as more and more people become family caregivers, businesses will have to make changes to their benefits and leave plans in order to accommodate the ever increasing number.

AARP also covered the importance of preparing for the future. In their article, entitled Advice to Help Family Caregivers Plan Ahead During COVID-19, they encourage caregivers to lean into uncertainty and create a solid care plan. They emphasize the importance of ensuring finances are secure and utilizing resources that can assist caregivers. For more information about nursing homes data, family caregivers in the workplace, or planning for the future, please visit the links above.

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