Daily Self-Care Apps

As a family caregiver, you spend your days taking care of the ones you love., but are you taking care of your own needs too? Research has shown that some family caregivers struggle with asking for help when they begin to feel exhausted. In essence, asking for some kind of help may feel like admitting … Continue reading Daily Self-Care Apps

Coping With Stress 101

As a caregiver, you are no stranger to stress. Taking care of another person often leads to neglecting the needs of oneself. It might seem as if there is no time for stress relief in your busy schedule. However, there are some simple practices that can help alleviate stress in under ten minutes.    According … Continue reading Coping With Stress 101

September is Falls Prevention Month!

September is Falls Prevention Awareness month. Even a light fall can have heavy impacts on an aging adult. It is imperative to increase awareness for this issue that impacts a large percentage of the aging population. Knowing this, the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging has created an outreach and resources page. An overview of the … Continue reading September is Falls Prevention Month!

Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?

Despite a large percentage of Americans being caregivers, there continues to be a lack of support in the workplace. It is difficult to manage caring for a loved one while also being productive at work. This can create both burnt out employees and caregivers simultaneously. In order to combat this overwhelmed workforce, employers need to … Continue reading Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?

How To Prepare for End of Life

As caregivers, you work tirelessly to make your care recipient have the highest quality of life possible. However, it is not uncommon for a caregiver to outlive their care recipient. Unfortunately, the end of life process can be complex. Difficult decisions, as well as intense emotions, are often faced. It is a lot to handle … Continue reading How To Prepare for End of Life

Caring for a Child Getting Ready for School?

Back to school is underway and summer is coming to an end. As a caregiver to a child, this may look different for your family than for others. Below are some resources to help you navigate the back to school process.   How to Advocate: It is important to make your voice heard within the … Continue reading Caring for a Child Getting Ready for School?

Let’s Talk About: Caregiving During the Pandemic

With the Delta variant and low vaccination rates within Idaho, coronavirus cases are rising once again. This impacts everyone, but the increased COVID cases are especially relevant to family caregivers. In an article from Oregon Health and Science University, it is acknowledged caregivers face an extreme amount of stress as a result of the pandemic. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Caregiving During the Pandemic

How to Support the Disability Community

July is Disability Pride Month! In honor of the American Disabilities Act being signed in July 1990, the entire month of July is about celebrating members of the disability community. According to the American Disability Community, disability pride is celebrating diversity and continuing to be visible advocates. If you care for someone with a developmental … Continue reading How to Support the Disability Community

Need Veteran Specific Resources?

Happy Fourth of July! On this day to celebrate independence, we also appreciate the veterans and military personnel that have helped keep that freedom. We recognize the importance of the caregivers who assist these individuals day after day. Veterans often struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They also might have a physical or mental … Continue reading Need Veteran Specific Resources?

Looking for Resources?

Each state has their own set of resources for caregivers. AARP has created a comprehensive list of the resources available in Idaho. If you are in another state or curious about different organizations utilized in other states, you can view the article at AARP.  Most notably mentioned were the Areas Agencies on Aging. Although “aging” … Continue reading Looking for Resources?