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Isolation and Loneliness

Loneliness and caregiving often go hand in hand. And especially now during a pandemic, loneliness and isolation is an undeniable issue, now more than ever. According to Dr. John Cacioppo, University of Chicago psychologist, human beings need a combination of the following 3 elements, to combat the feeling of loneliness: 

1.  Intimate connectedness: A feeling caused by socializing with people you are confident will always support you and with whom you can be your true self.

2. Relational connectedness: In-person interactions that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

3. Collective connectedness: Feeling as though you are part of a larger group beyond individual existence.

But how do we collect and manifest these 3 elements, in our own lives? 

  • Reach out to those who love and support you. It is important to remain connected to already establish relationships, but also reestablishing those once close connections we may have lost along the way. 

  • Join a support group. This may seem like a “no-brainer,” but there are many support groups available, both virtually and in-person, that are there to target the caregiver experience. 

  • Find a cause or hobby you are passionate about. Whether it is volunteering at the animal shelter, joining an organization, or even an online baking class, connection can be built upon common interest and tapping into you own personal joy can be extremely fulfilling.  

For more tips on combating caregiver loneliness and isolation, please see the AARP link attached. 

Blog by Kara Boyerkidder

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