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Let’s Talk About: Caregiving During the Pandemic

With the Delta variant and low vaccination rates within Idaho, coronavirus cases are rising once again. This impacts everyone, but the increased COVID cases are especially relevant to family caregivers. In an article from Oregon Health and Science University, it is acknowledged caregivers face an extreme amount of stress as a result of the pandemic. Communication with doctors was made more difficult. Communication with respite providers was strained, as well. NPR also recognized this issue in a recent radio interview. Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent within family caregivers. Cases of anxiety and depression have spiked during the pandemic. As cases rise, it is imperative to stay informed of resources available to help caregivers. Below are some examples of support for caregivers who may be experiencing symptoms of mental health related issues. 


OHSU Symptom Checker: OHSU provides commonly recognized signs of depression and anxiety. Although these are not to be taken as a diagnosis, they can indicate it may be time to reach out to a medical professional for help.


SAMHSA National Helpline: This hotline is available for any individual at any time. Insurance is not necessary. Anonymity is protected if desired. 


National Alliance on Mental Illness- Treasure Valley: NAMI can connect you to resources within your area, not just the Treasure Valley. Find mental health counselors, pertinent support groups, and more. 


Stay Informed: COVID-19 Updates in Idaho


Where to Get the Vaccine: This site allows you to find free COVID-19 vaccination sites closest to you. 


Official Idaho COVID-19 Updates: General updates regarding the amount of active cases in Idaho by county and more relevant information. 

CDC COVID-19 Updates: Find nationwide headlines and information about COVID as new research and new policies are developed.

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