Aging Well Planner from NCOA

Aging. We all do it. We move through life constantly evolving and changing. Whether we like it, or not! To some, this may be scary. They may not know what the next stages in life have in store for them. Nor might they be able to handle all these changes. However, there are ways to prevent this unnecessary stress. The National Commission on Aging (NCOA) has created a guide to aging. They call it the Aging Well Planner. This tool provides you with personalized resources, tools, and expert help to prepare you for your aging journey. Let’s dive into what is in the planner.

The Assessment

To identify your personalized Aging Well Planner, the NCOA has created a general assessment. This assessment asks you questions about retirement plans, demographics like zip code and year you were born, medicare, and financial concerns you may have related to aging. Click on the image to access the general assessment.

The Planner

After you have completed the general assessment, provided that you create an account, NCOA provides you with your Age Well Planner. There are three tabs to move through Finance, Medicare, and Health & Wellness. Each tab provides recommendations based on the way you filled out the assessment. These recommendations provide you with education on various topics. When I did the assessment, I received information on planning for retirement, an overview of Medicare, and what I can be doing to keep my body healthy as I age.

If you find that an article pertains to you, or that you want to be able to go back and read it later, you can flag the article. This puts it on the main page of your planner, making it easier to access later. 

Don't forget to take care of yourself!

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