Have You Made a Voting Plan?

Election Day is only 11 days away! If you are registered to vote, there are many different options available to fit your needs. Early voting in Ada County is available at Boise Basque Center, Meridian and Boise City Halls, Eagle Hope Lutheran Church, and Ada County Election Office. On weekdays, the polls are open from … Continue reading Have You Made a Voting Plan?

Do You Qualify for SNAP?

According to the CDC, nutritious food is necessary for a strong immune system. During COVID-19, a well balanced diet might be more difficult to maintain. During times of high stress, nutritious food options are the last priority. Many individuals skip meals or forget to eat during the day. This pattern of behavior can lead to … Continue reading Do You Qualify for SNAP?

Tips for Navigating Challenging Family Members

Caregivers often face negative feedback from family members that may not fully understand the situation. Especially as we approach the holiday season, navigating family relationships while caregiving can be difficult. An article from Daily Caring provides advice for having those conversations with loved ones and setting boundaries for the holiday season.

The ABCs of Respite: A Consumer Guide for Family Caregivers

Do you have questions about respite? There are many different types of respite, including in- and out-of-home models. The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center shares their publication The ABCs of Respite: A Consumer Guide for Family Caregivers. This guide explores not only the many types of respite, but also how to select the … Continue reading The ABCs of Respite: A Consumer Guide for Family Caregivers

Don’t forget to submit your input

Don’t forget to submit your input by February 7, 2020, for the RAISE Family Caregivers Act and/or the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Both of these councils are requesting your input to help them develop goals, objectives, best practices, and recommendations for their initial reports to Congress.  Click here to read more about RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory … Continue reading Don’t forget to submit your input

Managing someone else’s money?

Do you manage someone else’s money? Would you like to understand your responsibilities as you manage that money, become aware of scams and potential financial exploitation, and learn where best to turn if you need help? The federal Comsumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Office of Older Americans, has released four guides to help understand what … Continue reading Managing someone else’s money?

ACL Request for Public Comments

ACL (Administration for Community Living) and the Family Caregiving Advisory Council is requesting public comments on the challenges faced by family caregivers.  The public comment period is open to individuals as well as organizations who assist family caregivers. The information collected will help with the initial recommendations report to Congress and help the Council plan … Continue reading ACL Request for Public Comments

Idaho Caregiver Alliance News Brief

Idaho Caregiver Alliance News Brief The Idaho Caregiver Alliance is excited to share some information with you which is why we created an ICA News Brief. Hopefully, your inbox just received it. But, just in case you missed the news, Here is what the brief included. Breaking News: We are excited to announce that Governor … Continue reading Idaho Caregiver Alliance News Brief

Shared Caregiving Stories

In this segment of Shared Caregiving Stories, our very own ICA member Jeannette D. Mayer shares her view of how Andrew Luck’s retirement from the Indianapolis Colts parallels the experiences of being a family caregiver.  To read the full posting, of which I highly recommend, click on this link Luck’s Retirement Parallels Military Caregiver.