8 Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

National Institute on Aging LogoCaregiving from a long-distance presents many challenges. Here are 8 tips from the National Institute on Aging that may be helpful in your long-distance caregiving role.

  1. Know what you need to know as a long-distance caregiver. Learn as much as possible about your family member and resources that are available.
  2. Plan your visits with an aging parent or relative. 
  3. Try to make time to do things unrelated to being a caregiver. Plan activities to do when visiting an aging parent or relative.
  4. Get in touch, and stay in touch. Set up teleconferences within doctors, assisted living facility team, or nursing home staff so that you can participate in conversations. 
  5. Help an aging parent stay in contact from afar. Even having a private phone line in a nursing home room allows parents to stay in touch.
  6. Organize paperwork for an aging parent. 
  7. Learn additional tips for caregiving. 
  8. Gather a list of resources in your aging relative’s neighborhood.