Pumpkin candy holder with a mask covering its face.

Getting Ready for Halloween?

Wondering what halloween will look like this year? The Center of Disease Control has created a list of fun and safe activities to celebrate. If you are caring for a child, they may be disappointed that regular trick or treating is not an option this year. Even if you are caring for an adult, it is still an adjustment from handing out candy to excited trick or treaters. This is an exciting time for kids and adults alike, so it is important to ensure that the holiday is done in accordance with the guidelines of the CDC. During the COVID-19 pandemic, usual halloween festivities are not recommended. Halloween is an exciting time, but there are still ways to enjoy the holiday while staying socially distanced and preventing the spread. The CDC says that socially distanced trick or treating is possible, preferably with grab and go candy bags for each child. This limits face to face contact, but preserves the feeling of normality. If you are caring for loved ones that are in a high risk category and usually avoid being involved in trick or treating completely, this might be the perfect time to participate safely. It can be a fun way to de-stress and take time to spend with your family. Another idea presented is watching a scary movie outside on a projector screen following social distancing guidelines. The Wall Street Journal has published a list of the best halloween movies and where they can be watched. Decorating living spaces, carving pumpkins, and having scavenger hunts are also fun ways to celebrate. If there are other ideas of how to celebrate, please visit the CDC’s website to ensure the activities are safe for you and your loved ones. Despite COVID-19, there are still ways to make the holiday fun for you and those you care for.

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