Journal and coffee on table.

Keeping a Caregiving Journal 101

Many people keep a journal as an outlet, but it can be especially helpful for caregivers. AARP has published an article detailing the positive impact a journal can have. Studies have shown that journaling can help prevent depression and stress. Some people use it to write down daily gratitude affirmations. Although, others use a journal to vent their frustrations. No matter how you choose to express yourself, they can be an effective tool. AARP shares tips on ways it may help.


Daily Caring has developed quick journal prompts for caregivers. If you are unsure how to get started, these are a great resource.


AARP recommends your journal be kept private. This may seem obvious, but it is important to keep the journal for yourself and personal feelings. Make it your space. When you look back at old entries, you can realize how far you have come in your caregiving journey. However, AARP encourages more looking forward than looking back within your journal. 

Despite the guidelines from AARP, the way you journal is up to you. Even if you can only squeeze in a five minute entry into your day. It is still helpful to put your thoughts in words and get grievances off your chest. 

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