How To Prepare for End of Life

As caregivers, you work tirelessly to make your care recipient have the highest quality of life possible. However, it is not uncommon for a caregiver to outlive their care recipient. Unfortunately, the end of life process can be complex. Difficult decisions, as well as intense emotions, are often faced. It is a lot to handle … Continue reading How To Prepare for End of Life

Talking About Caregiving with the President

A woman, named Susie, had a conversation with President Joe Biden about her role as a caregiver. Living in Texas, Susie started as a caregiver for a family member. She now works for a home care organization. She identifies caregiving as her passion and something she always felt called to do. She tells Biden that … Continue reading Talking About Caregiving with the President

Keeping a Caregiving Journal 101

Many people keep a journal as an outlet, but it can be especially helpful for caregivers. AARP has published an article detailing the positive impact a journal can have. Studies have shown that journaling can help prevent depression and stress. Some people use it to write down daily gratitude affirmations. Although, others use a journal … Continue reading Keeping a Caregiving Journal 101

A List of Helpful Podcasts for Caregivers

Podcasts can be a great way to unwind, make housework more enjoyable, or make a daily commute less stressful. The San Diego Tribune has compiled a list of caregiving specific podcasts that share stories from different perspectives. Some are specific to medical conditions of the care recipient, such as Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Others … Continue reading A List of Helpful Podcasts for Caregivers

Book Ideas for Caregivers

Being a caregiver can sometimes be isolating. It is important to know that although each caregiver is in a unique situation, there are others that have gone through similar experiences. Aging Care provides a list of books related to caregiving ups and downs. These books are a great way to connect to stories of other … Continue reading Book Ideas for Caregivers

Shared Caregiving Stories

Guest blog by Jeannette D Mayer, a caregiver and R4 Board Member Happiness was grabbing that handful of popcorn mixed with chocolate M&M’s® to find the Peanut M&M’s® hiding in there. For many years, these delightful milk chocolates wrapped around tasty peanuts were jokingly called “Happy Pills” in my house. My favorite snack was mixing … Continue reading Shared Caregiving Stories

Shared Caregiving Stories

How Expo Markers Saved Our Military Family. Guest blog by Jeannette D. Mayer. Every day I look at my husband and am reminded how lucky I am that he was able to come to me… to us! DeWayne came home to our daughter Addy and me after using five of his nine lives from May … Continue reading Shared Caregiving Stories

Shared Caregiving Stories

Why I go to the gym Guest Blog, Jeannette D. Mayer For as long as I can remember, my husband and daughter have given me a hard time about getting up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym. Over the years it hasn’t been easy overcoming the negativity that comes from them about my … Continue reading Shared Caregiving Stories

Sharing your caregiving story

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