Stressed out woman.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

According to an article from Harvard Business Review, “77% of caregivers ages 18 to 34 said the pandemic has made them feel more burned out than ever before, compared to 57% of caregivers aged 65 and older.” Clearly burnout and stress rates are increasing. Family caregivers are faced with so many responsibilities. It is important to take some time for yourself, even for a few minutes. The Harvard Business Review suggests some tips for fighting burnout:

  1. Ignoring toxic positivity

Toxic positivity is the concept that because a situation could be worse, it should not be dwelled upon. To always look on the bright side. While positivity is usually regarded as a good quality, there is a line between optimism and refusing to acknowledge feelings. We do not have to force positivity 24/7, it is simply not realistic. 

  1. Taking time off (if possible)

Simply taking a day to yourself can make the world of difference. This time can be designated for engaging in activities that you enjoy. Going for coffee with a friend, taking a walk outside, or anything else that provides a sense of peace. 

  1. Delegating tasks

If you have family members able to help with household chores, asking for a helping hand can lessen your workload.

  1. Leaning on your support system

Your friends and family are there to help you. Chatting about your feelings or asking for a break can lessen burnout levels.