Mother's Day art.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day with Dementia

Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to show your gratitude and appreciation for mothers and all that they do. However, this can be a difficult holiday to celebrate if your mother has dementia. Home Care Assistance has provided a list of activities to help guide your day and make it special for you and your loved ones. 

  1. Get outside! Celebrating Mother’s Day through a picnic in a park or a walk around the neighborhood can be a fun activity.

  2. Play a board game! Engaging in different games can be a fun way to stimulate the brain.

  3. Go on a day trip! If this is plausible for your mother, planning a trip to an art museum or aquarium can be a great change of pace.

  4. Do arts and crafts! This is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your mom engaged. Painting, drawing, or do-it-yourself pottery are easy and fun ideas.

While this day may have its struggles, Home Care Assistance points out the value in remembering your “why” throughout the day. This day is to spend time with your mother and to engage her in activities that she enjoys. Remembering to keep previous traditions alive without fostering too many expectations. Sometimes your efforts will not  be appreciated in the ways that you hoped. However, there are still ways to make the day special, even if it does not look exactly how it has in the past. If you yourself are a mother, a great gift to ask for is the gift of respite care. Asking a family member to take over your duties for the day can provide a much needed break. Alternatively, hiring an adult babysitter can provide the same effect. Allow yourself time to take care of yourself this Mother’s Day. You have earned it!

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