Coping With Stress 101

As a caregiver, you are no stranger to stress. Taking care of another person often leads to neglecting the needs of oneself. It might seem as if there is no time for stress relief in your busy schedule. However, there are some simple practices that can help alleviate stress in under ten minutes.    According … Continue reading Coping With Stress 101

September is Falls Prevention Month!

September is Falls Prevention Awareness month. Even a light fall can have heavy impacts on an aging adult. It is imperative to increase awareness for this issue that impacts a large percentage of the aging population. Knowing this, the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging has created an outreach and resources page. An overview of the … Continue reading September is Falls Prevention Month!

Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?

Despite a large percentage of Americans being caregivers, there continues to be a lack of support in the workplace. It is difficult to manage caring for a loved one while also being productive at work. This can create both burnt out employees and caregivers simultaneously. In order to combat this overwhelmed workforce, employers need to … Continue reading Does Your Workplace Have Caregiver Support?