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A Caregiver’s Holiday Guide

The holidays are a wonderful time to be with loved ones. The amount of festive and fun activities are endless! However, this can also create added stress on family caregivers. With more responsibilities and people’s time to juggle, the holiday season can become dreaded. Difficult family members step in and have opinions on the way you are providing care for your loved one. To combat this, AgingCare produced an article with tips and tricks for a successful holiday season for family caregivers. A few of the highlights include:


  1. Having a Realistic Mindset


It is not possible to please every extended family member. You cannot possibly be everywhere at once. You already are balancing caregiving duties with family responsibilities. Now, additionally, you have even more family and community expectations. So, instead of overextending yourself, AgingCare recommends ditching the mindset that you can do it all. Expect that some things might go wrong, some people might be disappointed, etc. You are simply doing the best you can.


  1. Simplifying Your Plans


As a caregiver, sometimes you have to work smarter, not harder. Online shopping for presents can be a great way to save time and energy. Watching a festive movie with family can be less stressful than planning a million different activities. You can still have a meaningful holiday without the grandeur.


  1. Communication 


This is perhaps the most important tip from AgingCare. Sometimes, it can be hard to speak up for your needs. This is especially difficult with difficult family members. Others might complain about the lack of time you have for them. However, most people are coming from a place of love. A simple explanation of how much you have on your plate can go a long way. Asking family members for extra support can also be beneficial. Just a simple favor, like picking up something from the store, can provide impactful added support. 


Overall, the holidays are a time for togetherness. Although they can be stressful, remember these pillars of holiday planning for a more enjoyable holiday season.