Little boy laughing while holding a book.

Want a Break from Bleak News/Media?

Sometimes, staying updated on current events can be draining. The Good News Network provides news that may put a smile on your face. You can visit the website for articles that are funny, heartwarming, or inspiring. Although this is not a primary news source, it can be beneficial to take a break from regular news. Instead, remember it is important to consume happy media also. Below are a few examples from the lighthearted news network. 


95 Year Old Widowers Who Found Love in time of COVID Get Married. – This is a sweet article telling of a COVID love story. 


Veteran Donates 36 Acres of Land to Build Retreat for Homeless Vets Struggling with Addiction. – Two business partners in New Jersey decided to create a safe space for veterans to recover from their substance abuse.


Endangered Humpback Whales Gain New Protections in Pacific Ocean From the U.S. – Humpback whales will now be protected from fishing as they migrate due to new regulations. 


Long-Lost Sisters Reunite and Discover their Jobs and Hobbies Match Exactly. – Found on the 23 and Me website, two strangers realized they are sisters. They each are leading very similar lives.


7 Year Old Girl Obsessed With Space Will Become First Kid to Send an Item to the Moon. – A young girl sends a sticker to the moon to be part of a “lunar time capsule.”


The website also has song recommendations and lists of funny tv shows. Feel free to visit this website, or any other source, that can provide a lighthearted break from heavier topics.