Elder Abuse Awareness Staff Pic

How to Report Elder Abuse

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 6 seniors experienced elder abuse in 2020. However, many cases go unreported. Please follow the steps below if you know any person 60 years or older that is experiencing some form of abuse.


What is Elder Abuse?

According to the CDC, elder abuse is defined as harm to elders as a result of another person’s action or inaction. This can be seen in different types of abuse. Elder abuse occurs most commonly within nursing homes and long term care facilities. By law, health care providers are expected to report any signs of potential abuse. 


What Does Elder Abuse Look Like?

  1. Financial Abuse 

  2. Emotional Abuse

  3. Physical Abuse

  4. Neglect


How Can I Report Elder Abuse:

  1. Call or file an online report at Adult Protective Services (APS). If you would like to be kept anonymous, call APS. A name must be given with an online report format.    Phone number: (208) 334-3833

  2. If it is an abuse case within a long term care facility, Ombudsman is a great resource. They specialize in mistreatment of residents in nursing homes. Phone number: (208) 334-3833.

  3. Calling your local Area on Aging is another way to be connected to Ombudsman. Click on the link to find the Area on Aging most relevant to you.

  4. If it is an emergency, call 911


How Do I Know If It Is Elder Abuse?

  1. The Ombudsman Caregiver Code of Ethics is a great way to identify any ethical concerns that might be violated. 

  2. Visit the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for additional resources related to elder abuse, specifically within nursing homes. 


Elder abuse happens more frequently than you might think. It is important for healthcare providers to fulfill their civic responsibilities to report abuse. However, you know when something is not right for your care recipient. Please do not hesitate to fill out a report, or in extreme cases, call 911.


Also, there are many resources available to help educate yourself on elder abuse signs. It may not manifest in the ways typically tied to abuse. Please use the links provided to learn more. Or, conduct a personal search. Having more awareness for this issue is the goal.