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Need Veteran Specific Resources?

Happy Fourth of July! On this day to celebrate independence, we also appreciate the veterans and military personnel that have helped keep that freedom. We recognize the importance of the caregivers who assist these individuals day after day. Veterans often struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They also might have a physical or mental disability that makes everyday life more difficult. If you are a military caregiver, please view the resources that may be able to help. 


Legacy Corps for Military Families: A volunteer-powered program supporting family caregivers. Their emphasis is on the unique needs of veteran and military families. They are highly trained, vetted and committed volunteers. These volunteers provide companionship respite. Additionally, they provide caregiver education. Legacy Corps also provides networking opportunities, and linkages to community and veteran resources.


Veterans Transportation Program: A transportation to local Veteran Affairs health facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. These buses are available to veterans for free or a small fee. If your care recipient needs to get to a VA hospital, these buses can help. Please visit the website for more information.


211 Careline: A statewide referral service for military caregivers to find resources such as respite care and support groups. Also, 211 provides a large resource database that is available on their website. 


Veterans Resource Directory: Another comprehensive list of services that are available for veterans and their families. This is an Idaho-based list that answers frequently asked questions. Also, the directory gives contact information of certain agencies that can be accessed. 


Find Your Local VA Office: The Veterans Administration provides numerous resources for military family caregivers. Please use the link to find the nearest hospital, support group, or office. 

Powerful Tools for Caregivers: a series of classes that can help you in your caregiving journey. There are classes for legal advice and financial planning. Methods for practicing self care are also available. Although these classes can give you a skill set to combat any problem that may arise as a caregiver, they also have military specific courses.