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Have You Tried A Caregiving App?

As a caregiver, it is sometimes difficult to ask others for help. This is true even for your closest friends and usual support system. Ianacare is an app that can help. The creators realized the demand of caregiving. This is especially true within personal relationships and working relationships. This provides connection to resources, as well as others that are caregiving in similar conditions. To read more about their app, please visit the article in Employee Benefit News


One of the innovative aspects of Ianacare is the social networking feature. You can post tasks you need help with, such as picking up kids from school or grocery shopping. Your friends or family can see these openings and sign up to help out when they are available. The social network also expands outside of your social circle. It provides an opportunity to read and respond to posts from others. 


Another feature is the partnership with different insurance agencies. Through this connection, users can easily find facilities that are compatible with insurance. For example, if physical therapy is recommended for your care recipient, you can use this feature to locate a clinic in your area. Additionally, you can read reviews and experiences from past patients. 


Ianacare also posts consistent blogs. These include information on self care, financial management, and more. There are numerous resources to help recent caregivers adjust, especially if they remain at work. Their top priority is advocating for caregivers in the workplace and the burnout it can produce. It provides a solid community for others to feel understood in their caregiver roles. You can download the app on any smartphone.