Are you a good advocator?

The Council on Developmental Disabilities is seeking twenty-five highly motivated and enthusiastic parents of children with developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities to participate in the 2019 class of Idaho Partners in Policymaking. Next session starts in Sept. Preference…

1st Week Blog Post: What is Respite Care?

Welcome to the Idaho Caregiver Alliance’s (ICA) new website! My name is Ryan Hoffman and I will be updating this blog periodically. I am new to ICA and look forward to using my background in media communication to further the goals of the organization. Check back from time to time for information on resources, local events, and other related topics.

For the first post of the new ICA website, I thought I would briefly discuss respite; what it means; what it looks like from day-to-day; and how you can help.

What does respite mean?