Powerful Tools for Caregivers

A new 6-part session of Powerful Tools for Caregivers will start in February and will be held on Boise State University’s campus. If you would like to learn more check out the attached flyer. Pre-registration is required. To register, email , call 208-947-4281, or go through this link. In this workshop series you will learn to: … Continue reading Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Senior Corps looking for volunteers

Senior Corps is looking for volunteers who are 55 and older and like working with children. There is a small stipend, assistance with gas mileage, and the satisfaction that you’re making a difference in the life of a child.  If you are interested please email your interest and information to ashoup@jannus.org

Social Security Administration -Open Comments

The Social Security Administration is accepting public comments between now and January 17, 2020. This is beneficial to anyone who is receiving disability benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  The Administration is proposing that individuals prove their disability every two years to continue receiving their SSI/disability benefits. To read more about this and submit your … Continue reading Social Security Administration -Open Comments

Governor Little’s State of the State Address

On January 6, 2020, Governor Little will hold his State of the State address. During which he will outline his policy priorities and budget recommendations for the 2020 legislative session.   You can watch a live streaming of the address by clicking on the following link, 2020 State of the State.

No one wants to see their loved one fall

No caregiver wants to see their loved one fall and still, of those 65 and older, one in four falls each year. Although we have the data for our older population, fall prevention and reduction is not just for those 65 and older. As family caregivers, we are always wanting to decrease the chances of … Continue reading No one wants to see their loved one fall

Difference between parent and a caregiver?

Many times the term caregiver is understood to be caring for someone over the age of 18 with medical, physical, or mental complications. Yet, many young parents are put into a caregiving role when their peers get to parent.  Understanding what differentiates a parent from a caregiver helps us gain more understanding and build awareness … Continue reading Difference between parent and a caregiver?

Last day to provide public comment

Today is the last day to provide public comments against some proposed rule changes by the Department of Health and Human Services. This rule change would attempt to erase protections that prohibit government-funded programs from discriminating against the people they serve based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and in some cases religion.  Examples that … Continue reading Last day to provide public comment

Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Input is needed to help the Administration for Community Living, the RAISE Family Caregivers Act, and the Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act build a report to include best practices, resources, and other useful information. “This report will be delivered to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Congress, and the state agencies responsible for carrying … Continue reading Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Information Session on Circuit Breaker Program

If you’ve lived in Idaho even for a short time, you should be aware of the growth and impact housing costs and property taxes have had on residents. As family caregivers, we do not need to add this to our extensive list of worries. Currently, there is a Circuit Breaker program that some individuals can … Continue reading Information Session on Circuit Breaker Program

Are you in need of respite?

Are you in need of respite? There are programs scattered around Idaho offering some form of respite service. Check out the current list of programs that are supported in part by grant monies received through the Idaho Commission on Aging from the US Administration of Community Living click on the following link, Respite programs in … Continue reading Are you in need of respite?